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Codex Leicester (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Codex Leicester (Leonardo Da Vinci)


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Each deluxe worldwide limited edition contains (998 copies only):

*A facsimile edition of the original.
-Handmade leather case with clasp.
-Art paper with serrated edges that reproduces the original.
-Exact reproduction of the original document (extension, color and size).
*An art book with expert commentary (in Spanish and English) in Vivella Nero.
*An elegant collector's edition box.
*A certificate numbered from 001 to 998 printed on natural parchment.
“Special presale for customers”. TODAY, LAST DAY.
Now $180 / After $350
*International shipping costs included.
Pre-sale. 16-18 weeks from receipt of order.
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The world's most expensive book

It was 1994 when Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft magnate Bil Gates, heard from her husband that he was going to spend $30 million on a notebook.

She replied: "Bill, don't you already have a very good laptop?

But Gates was not referring to the meaning of the word "notebook". What he wanted to buy was a notebook... for notes.

And that notebook was so special that in 1994, Gates ended up paying what would be the equivalent of $60 million today.

Later, he added: it is the only notebook by Leonardo that is not in a European museum.

The Codex

It is a 72-page codex, with sheets similar in size to today's A4 sheets, which have been kept together since Da Vinci created them approximately between 1508 and 1510.

The Codex Leicester is a manuscript in which the Italian genius delves into topics of astronomy, meteorology, hydraulics, cosmology, geology and paleontology, for example, over 72 pages.

And fundamentally, in them he explores various scientific principles related to water that he investigated throughout his life.

However, as is characteristic of this Renaissance master, to categorize his work as a treatise exclusively about water is an extremely limited perspective.

In these notes, he addresses questions as varied as the factors that trigger the formation of a spring, the reason why the moon emits light and the explanation of how it is feasible to find fossil remains of marine animals in mountainous elevations.

Leonardo's handwritten notes

"As you walk through the city, observe, note and consider the circumstances and the behavior of people as they talk and argue or laugh or strike each other."

This reminder was written by Leonardo da Vinci, none other than for...himself.

The Florentine artist, whose death is more than 500 years ago, was so fond of taking notes that he always carried a small notebook with him.

And if anything fascinated and obsessed Da Vinci throughout his life until his death in France at the age of 67, it was water and its movement.

And that is the central theme of this codex, one of the few treatises that he himself compiled and almost finished: the Codex Leicester.

Facsimile edition

Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document, the Codex Leicester: the facsimile reproduces the appearance and physical characteristics of the original document; the pages are trimmed according to the original format; the leaves are hand-sewn and the whole is protected inside a hand-made natural leather case with clasp.

The facsimile is accompanied by a volume containing studies on the codex and the life and work of Leonardo.

The original facsimile book is delivered in a collection case of CORVON METAL X TITANIUM binding material with gilded engravings.

The numbered collector's certificate is printed on natural parchment.

What's Included


In its original format 22 x 29 cms.
Place of manufacture: Spain.


Handmade case made of natural leather.


The original facsimile book is delivered inside a case of CORVON METAL X TITANIUM binding material.


The certificate of originality, numbered from 0001 to 998, printed on natural parchment.


A book where recognized experts review all the existing Leonardo Da Vinci notebooks and especially this Codex Leicester, the only one in private hands, specifically in those of Bill Gates.

Printed on 120 gram Munken paper.

Cover: Vivella Nero. Binding: stitched cardboard with round spine and headbands to match the material of the slipcase.




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